6 Stylish Sienna Miller Looks


Sienna Miller is one of the girls responsible for bringing back the boho chic look. With her big smile, tousled blond locks, and flower child attitude, she gave us style reminiscent of women who gave freedom and peace more importance than any other thing in the world. While Sienna may not be the most likeable actress on Earth at the moment, we have to admit that she is very stylish and we can take a few fashion clues from her.

1. Past Love

Past Love

Photo: Popsugar

I love the pairing of the boho dress, long cardigan, and knee-high boots. TheJude Law days saw Sienna gracing us with her effortless and devil-may-care Bohemian fashion. She has deviated from this look through the years and I can honestly say that I miss her hippie style.

One Fierce Coat with One Strange Companion
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