5 Party Recipes to Try This Week ...


5 Party Recipes to Try This Week ...
5 Party Recipes to Try This Week ...

I will be moving to a new apartment next week and I have been scrounging the Internet for wonderful housewarming party recipes. Cocktails included, of course. These are some of the best and yummy-looking I could find. They also seem easy to make and that is an important criteria since I am not the best cook and I do want to be the perfect hostess.

Try these recipes this week, wherever you may be and whatever the occasion. Some of them are best for Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo parties. So grab a bag and head on to the nearest supermarket. While you're there, you can pick a few party hats, too.

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Mint Julep Cupcake

Mint Julep Cupcake These cupcakes look so innocent but they are laced with bourbon (or whiskey) for the right kick. I love how these treats were served. Little straws and mints? Very clever! But what I love most about this recipe is that it is very easy. Hopefully, mine will come out as pretty as these.


Maple Sour Cream Walnut Muffin

Maple Sour Cream Walnut Muffin Now I love these because they contain cinnamon. I love that spice. But one of my guests does not agree with me so I might have to make this for after the party. If you love cinnamon (and walnuts!) as much as I do, head on over to this post on Design*Sponge. These muffins take less time to bake than the mint julep cupcakes so that you'd be able to enjoy them sooner.


Margaritas Three Ways

Margaritas Three Ways This post has recipes for three kinds of margaritas: Beer 'Garitas, Scarlett Margaritas, and Blue Margaritas.These cocktail recipes are so simple and very easy to make. I can just imagine them cooling me down on a hot day! And of course, you can always count on margaritas to keep your party roaring.
4. Mojitos
Margaritas Three Ways This is another summer party treat. Mint, lime, water (or rum, if you prefer) and gelatin frozen for three hours? What could be better than that? These take the longest among all these recipes but I am sure that your guests will love them. It's a great Cinco de Mayo treat, too.


Hot Browns

Hot Browns These hotbrowns look so sinfully good. It has bacon, cheddar cheese, and ham so these might not be for your health-conscious guests. If you're having a Kentucky Derby party, these would be great to serve. After all, hotbrowns are Kentucky tradition. Head to the post to check a great recipe for mint julep, another Kentucky Derby cocktail treat.

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honey loving your blog for all the great tips! muah x marian

You're welcome, damselseo. :D Happy cooking!

mmmmmm, those all look delicious. I should not be this hungry at midnight!

Now I'm starving. Good thing it's almost time for lunch! :)

Wow! Since I am planning for a house warming next week, this recipe is a help. Thanks!

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