Healthy Recipe Tender Ginger Tofu ...


Healthy Recipe Tender Ginger Tofu ...
Healthy Recipe Tender Ginger Tofu ...

Here’s a great and healthy recipe that you can cook in ten minutes, tops: Tender Ginger Tofu. It combines the rich Asian flavors found in the main ingredient, as well as ginger root and Mirin or sweet sake.

The good thing about the main ingredient of this dish is that it tofu is not exclusive to health freaks or vegans anymore – anybody who wants to have a break from cholesterol-laden, meaty dishes can indulge in the l**ight taste of tofu**.

And did you know that tofu brings about a lot of health benefits? They’re not used as a protein substitute for nothing!

Take a look at the following health benefits that you will get to enjoy by cooking this tender ginger tofu recipe:

β€’ Tofu helps lower your cholesterol level by as much as 30%.

β€’ Soy, the β€˜parent’ ingredient of tofu – helps prevent the ill effects of menopause.

β€’ Tofu is rich in the mineral called Selenium, which is a potent anti-oxidant that helps prevent certain cancers.

So give your poor heart a break and ditch the juicy burger that you’re planning to grill for dinner – try this recipe instead.

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