5 New Movies Coming out This Weekend...


New movies come out and people enjoy watching them every Friday. Are you the type that enjoys watching them every Friday? Movie time is the time to get out and escape all of the stress brought on during the heavy work week. It’s a time to go out with your loved ones, your children and your friends. Which reminds me, each week, I always try to include at least one movie in the list of 5 that are for children. Below, you will find my choice of new movies coming out this Friday, December 11th of 2009…

5. The Lovely Bones

Director: Peter Jackson

Genre: Drama, Suspense/Thriller

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon


This is based on the best-selling novel by Alice Sebold. It is directed by Oscar winner Peter Jackson. It centers on a young girl who has been murdered as she watches over her family as well as her killer. She does all of this from heaven.

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