16 Things Your Children Should Learn from You ...


You send your kids to school so they can learn. Then you wonder why they fumble or fail in real life. Aside from the generally outdated curriculum and teaching methods, many educational systems around the world put more focus on academic lessons than on important life skills. There is so much more to life than school subjects and I’m pretty sure that you know this. Don’t wait until your children are having a hard time in life. Start teaching them some of these essential life skills while you still can. (By the way, this is largely based on Leo Babauta’s article).

1. Saving


Photo Credit: ASBO Allstar

Set a good example for your kids by living below your means. Put money into your savings and other funds. Show your kids that they don’t need a lot to have a good life. Teach them to put some of the money they receive or earn in a savings account or in a piggy bank. If your kids ask for something, then teach them about savings goal.

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