12 Best Tinder Openers to Use ...

People are always searching for the best pick-up lines and Tinder openers to stand out and find someone special, so I've listed 12 that often work. There are plenty of cheesy ones out there and ones that will provide a possible chuckle, but I chose pick-up lines that are more of a type of ice breaker as well as unique enough to get someone's attention. These are for a man or a woman to use and should help get the conversation going.

1. Where Does Your Name Originate from?

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This is a line that you can't throw out to someone if you don't even know their name, but using this Tinder opener should be for someone who has a very interesting name and that you are fairly certain there's a story behind it. People with uncommon names will usually enjoy a conversation that starts with this question. Many individuals like talking about the story behind their special name. If your name is an uncommon one as well, then this should turn into a great conversation.

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