10 Words That Need to Go Away ...


I like words. I love language. I love weaving words and sentences together into something beautiful, amusing, or touching. Whether you love it or hate it, if it makes you react, I'm happy. Like any wordsmith, however, there are certain words that I absolutely cannot stand – and here they are, 10 words that need to go away. They won't, and that's cool, but a girl can vent and wish at the same time, right?

1. Bromance

This started and stopped being cute for me when they made I Love You, Man. I know that's not where the term first started but that is where it entered my social consciousness, because I love Jason Segel and Paul Rudd. Now, any guys who are ever friends in public are having a bromance. That's great, it's always nice to see guys with close, male friends, but what happened to “buddy” or some other friend-friendly term that actually exists?

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