10 Weight Loss Rules after Having Kids...


First, I love seeing what new moms name their children. I am personally a fan of unique names. So after reading this article, apart from sharing your experience of losing weight with us, you can also tell us what you named your child (first name) and the way you felt when he or she was first put in your arms. Now, I give warm congratulations on that bundle of joy you gave birth to. Children can be a lot of fun. However, the weight that you gain during the nine months of pregnancy is not as fun. Losing that weight is even worse. New mothers are facing many nightmares as their body swells up and they are not able to lose the weight. I too went through the same problem. When I first got pregnant, I had people telling me to say goodbye to the nice body. Well, sure, you can say goodbye to the fit skinny body for those 9 months, but after the baby is out, it is time to get skinny again. Sure, you may not be able to get down to that size you were before pregnancy, but you can get darn close to it. Continue as I give you 10 weight loss rules after having kids…

10. Do Not Rush and Start Dieting Right after You Have Given Birth

Do Not Rush and Start Dieting Right after You Have Given Birth

This is especially true if you are breast feeding. I didn’t breast feed, I bottle fed with formula, so I started exercising as soon as I was recovered. What you need to do is concentrate on eating healthy and come up with some good exercise plans.

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Allow Your Body to Go Back to "normal" First
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