10 Text Habits That Drive People Mad ...

I love texts. They are so quick and easy to send, and you can instantly tell someone what you need to say. It’s a great way to communicate, especially if you haven’t got the time for a full blown conversation, or you just don’t feel like talking. I’ll admit, though, that there are some people I can’t stand texting. They just have the most horrible text habits ever, and I’d much prefer to phone them…or not talk to them at all! So how do you know if you are an annoying texter? Here are the top ten text habits that drive people mad…

1. Awkward Texter

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Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

So you’ve gone out in a group, and after a flowing conversation, its gone quiet. It’s not necessarily awkward, just a relaxing lull…until someone gets their phone out. Then the next person does, and suddenly, everyone in the group has a text to send. Grrrr! If it’s important, excuse yourself, out of politeness. If its not, give your time to the people you are with, and send your text later.

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