10 Reasons Why You Should Never Get a Job - an Article about Getting Your Life Back

Dear reader, I have just come across an article that really made me think that my life during the last several years was a real waste. I am sure there are other people that will feel the same way, it might be even you. Of course, I don't mean life in general, but just that major part of it that we spend in the office.

I am in my mid-twenties and I got a job right after getting the degree, which makes 3 years of been employed in total. I like the job, but I must confess that there are days I practically MAKE myself go to work. There even were a couple of times I was about to quite, but you know as it goes - you make up speeches, you play that "quiting scene" in your head over and over, in that scene the boss begs you to stay, promises you unbelievable raise, promotion, your own office, but you say your definite "NO" and walk out with your head up - finally free and endlessly proud of yourself.

As you understand, that never happens, you come back to your working place, get the things done and go home worn-out, physically, intellectually and emotionally to get some sleep and get ready for another working day. And those weekends you wait for starting with Thursday, that pass quicker every time... That's where one might see Enstein's Theory of Relativity in action! :)

Well, anyway, let's stop with describing the problem right here, I am sure if you got down to this line, you got my point, which is "JOB SUCKS" (sorry, but word combination like "Getting a job is not a good idea" will not describe what exactly that article I read was all about ). Here is a link to it: Don't Get A Job , it's not short, I must say, but each part of it has its own point, so if you want to change something in your life, if you have noticed that working for somebody gets you nowhere, go ahead and read it, it shows the ways out. I am seriously considering changing my life for better, hope you will too! Good luck!

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