10 Prom Make up Tips ...

Prom is so exciting! I remember planning my prom dress, my hair, my jewelry...the hardest thing to plan - even harder than your prom date, I think - though, is perfect prom makeup! Do you choose smoky eyes or bright lips or go with an understated look? Itโ€™s a mine field! Iโ€™ve gathered my favourite prom makeup tips to ensure you look like a star in your photos!

1. Pick Your Eyes or Your Mouth

Clear your diary for an hour, and wash your face. That's the first step in any prom makeup routine. Then apply your eye makeup really carefully, and keep your lips understated with a clear gloss. If you arenโ€™t sure on eye makeup colour, choose your favourite at the moment, since you can always change it later! Then take a picture. Wipe your face, and give it five minutes to dry and calm down. Then apply minimal eye makeup, and focus on your lips. Avoid brown lipstick, and try different pinks and reds. Take a picture again! Use these to decide whether you want to focus on your eyes or your lips, and to choose colours!

Perfect Your Skin
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