10 Hayden Panettiere 'Dos through the Years ...

The first few episodes I saw of Heroes, three things got stuck in my head right away: 1. Sylar is yummy, 2. Masi Oka will make a wonderful, adorable friend, and 3. Claire has got a serious case of "popular girl" hair. Popular girl hair? Well, you know what I'm talking about --- the kind of 'do that many popular girls (often cheerleaders) in teen movies sport. The blonde with bouncy curls kind. As Heroes moved to the subsequent seasons, I lost interest in the show but remained observant of "the cheerleader's hair style." Here are 'dos that Hayden has sported over the years I've been stalking the..uh...cheerleader:

1. Big Curls

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Not in a big hair kind of way. If I remember correctly, this is the cheerleader hair that got me started on following her hair-volution. She looked so innocent then, didn't she?

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