10 Cute Things to Keep on Your Desk ...

If you have to be at work, why not make it fun? Your desk can be your own personal space, an extension of who you are and what you love! Whether you’re an indie girl, an anime cutie, or a retro junkie, here are some cute desktop accessories to keep your workspace workable! The best part? All of them are less than $25 each!

1. Hello Kitty Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive

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Price: $24.99 at girlzlyfe.com
If you have to have a device for data storage, it doesn’t have to be beige and boring! It can be downright adorable, like this sweet little Hello Kitty USB jump drive. She can hold 2 GB worth of very business-like Word and Excel files, or just your favorite tunes and photos of you and your sweetie!

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