10 Adorable Teapots I'd Love to Add to My Collection ...

I am a budding teapot collector (I like all thing kitsch, apparently, and I'm proud of it). Unfortunately, my city has no variety (or taste) to speak of when it comes to teapot merchandise. In fact, most of the teapots in my modest collection I got on eBay. But when I browse through our local eBay for teapot finds, I always get disappointed with the poor selection. And so I end up checking out other online stores. Here are 10 that I wish I can add to my collection:

1. Orient Express

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**Price: **$69.95 at amazon

The perfect teapot for someone who loves to give in to her wanderlust more often than she sits down for tea. This teapot is just beyond adorable. I think this will be very cute beside my red telephone box teapot.

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