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7 Gorgeous Flatware Patterns from Anthropologie ...

By Jennifer

I love setting a pretty table, and I always have two or three flatware patterns in rotation to choose from, depending on which china I use. It’s fun to experiment with flatware, and it also makes a thoughtful, unique housewarming gift! I’ve recently discovered a number of gorgeous flatware patterns at one of my favorite shops, Anthropologie, and I’d love to share them with you! Here are 7 beautiful flatware patterns.

1 Rediscovered Flatware

Rediscovered Flatware Price: $36.00 at
This silverware, collected, cleaned, and repurposed by Cake Vintage, harkens from the late 1800’s to 1940, and is carefully mis-matched into sets of five, with two forks, two spoons, and one knife in each “set.” They’re all beautiful, and I adore the idea of using flatware with such history.

2 Bronze Age Flatware

Bronze Age Flatware Price: $36.00 at
Made of stainless steel in Portugal, this flatware is a rich warm bronze color with shapely, stately arches and deep bowls in the spoons and forks. Each place setting includes two forks, two spoons, and one knife, and the set is available exclusively online.

3 Seaborne Flatware

Seaborne Flatware Price: $98.00 at
This stainless steel set of flatware is inspired by sea-going vessels, with varnished beech handles and sleek, streamlined tines and bowls for each piece. The five-piece set is made in Japan, and is also only available online.

4 Sushi Queen Flatware

Sushi Queen Flatware Price: $24.00 at
The resin stems on each piece of this flatware are inspired by chop-sticks, and the top halves are shiny stainless steel. The set contains four pieces — one fork, one knife, and two spoons — and is made in Italy. They’re dishwasher safe, and are available online and in stores.

5 Dandelion Greens Flatware

Dandelion Greens Flatware Price: $24.00 at
Made of beautiful stainless steel, this flatware pattern has something truly unique — the lush leaves and stems of gorgeous greenery, etched with lasers yet still dishwasher safe. The set contains five pieces, with two forks, two spoons, and one knife. These are my favorite… they’re so pretty!

6 Bendy Flatware

Bendy Flatware Price: $98.00 at
This flatware is truly unique, bent in shapes that are ergonomic, comfortable, and whimsical. The set is made of five traditional pieces (two each spoons and forks and one knife) and would look marvelous in a casual place setting.

7 Sun-Tipped Silverware

Sun-Tipped Silverware Price: $98.00 at
This flatware looks like it was dipped in brass, shiny and sunshine with sleek sheesham wood handles and curvy shapes. They’re comfortable in your hand and graceful and modern on your table. The set contains five pieces and is made to be hand-washed.

With so many beautiful flatware patterns to choose from, how will I ever pick just one? How will YOU ever pick just one, either? I really like that dandelion pattern… which do you like best, and why? Do tell!

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