6 Best Eyeshadows - Expert Reviews ...

As I scanned through fashion magazines, my eyes were drawn in the beauty of the models’ #eyes. Beauty was not only peripheral in this case, I found myself mesmerized by rich colors, shades and tones...

So the hunt for the best eyeshadows began… and as a result, I came to a conclusion that there are actually 6 Eyeshadows that are truly the best:

1. Dior 5-Color EyeShadow Compact

Dior 5-Color EyeShadow Compact

Expert's opinion:

"So, I have to admit though that I love the stuff! This is some nice shadow. Very silky and super high pigment, even in the very light shades."

- says Careenp, Beauty and Fashion Tech
What It Is: It’s a palette of five rich powder eyeshadow colors, 18 various shades are available.

What It Does: It allows you to be a master makeup artist and create multitude makeup looks – from the simplest look to the most sophisticated #look – depending on your mood.

Product Description: A seductive palette of five rich and versatile colors that allows you to create a multiple of make-up looks, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

My Comments: Best Splurge Shadow ever! Posh to the extreme, Christian Dior's bold powder shadows are rich, silky and made with intense pigments, they will seem to last forever. Value for your #money, it’s like wearing velvet on your eye. My favorite palette for winter: Secret Charm. I am sure you will find yours too among those fabulous 18 shades!

Average Price: You can order this beautiful baby at dior.com for $53.50. Yes, it’s a bit stiff, but a little goes a long way, so it’s well worth the price!