8 Beautifully Boho Style Blogs ...


Boho Style Blogs, if described in only 3 words, are inspirational, dreamy, and whimsical.

Personally, I think no other style makes you think of flowerchildren full of whimsy and free-flowing dresses perfect for running.

In fact, these Boho style blogs will make you long for endless summer days.

Of course, these Boho style blogs will also inspire you when it comes to adding more color to your wardrobe, wearing 3 more bangles, going barefoot, and exploring the vintage racks of the corner boutique near your flat.

1. Boho Market

Boho Market

A blog by one fab lady who has an eye for all things boho and chic, Boho Market is a must-follow for any slave of fashion.

Highlights are posts with dreamy editorials, outfit ideas, and general style inspiration.2

I should also point out that Giovanna, the lady behind this blog, is an illustrator.

Her drawings are delightful, too.

2. Chanok S.

Chanok S.

Okay, this one is mostly in Thai but it's one of the top Boho style blogs out there.

Some of the posts have translations but really, you will enjoy this blog purely for the outfit photos.

Chanok is one gorgeous model who can convince you to go Boho even if you are not really a fan of this style.2

Did I mention that Chanok is gorgeous?

Yeah, she is.

3. Bohemian Musings

Bohemian Musings

This is a top Boho style blog of one girl who look dreamy enough to belong to the cover of your dad's old records.2

From the blog: At Bohemian Musings we believe that we are the cosmos and magic is everywhere.

In poetry, coffee, lavender, black cats, old fashioned cameras, 70's lace dresses, tragic girls, rose petals, tea cups, collar bones and unicorns.


4. Little Navajo

This is the blog of one stylist, designer, and photographer from New Zealand.

It is one of the best Boho style blogs today because her work make you think of great escapes and long-haired girls and dresses that touch the Earth.

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