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The nautical theme isn’t just a hot trend to wear this season, it’s also a hot trend for your home!

All of my favorite home décor shops have loads of nautical and maritime themed items, and I’m delighted with all of them!

Here are my favorites though… here’s my list of 8 nautical theme home décor items…

1. Oversized Porthole Clock

Oversized Porthole Clock

Price: $149.00 at potterybarn.com

I adore clocks, and use them as décor and accent pieces in nearly every room of my house!

This one is ideal for adding a hint of the nautical theme to any of your rooms, with its porthole-inspired design and bronze finish.

It requires a AA battery to run, and features the accuracy of Takane movement.2

2. Victorian Mermaid Cast Resin Bookends

Victorian Mermaid Cast Resin Bookends

Price: $39.00 at shopplasticland.com

This set of Victorian-inspired bookends takes me back to a time when gorgeous sirens wooed sailors to rocky shores, and when they decorated the ships themselves as figureheads.

This mermaid is bookishly inclined, with little interest in adoring ships or haunting sailors.

3. Half-Shell Candle

Half-Shell Candle

Price: $32.00 at anthropologie.com

Add the rich aroma of the sea to your bath or patio with the long-burning paraffin candle in this ceramic half-shell.

It burns for up to 15 hours, and once the wax is gone, you can re-use the shell as a décor item itself, with tin shells or trinkets inside.

4. Extraordinary Coral

Extraordinary Coral

Price: $79.00 at potterybarn.com

Bits of coral make wonderful décor items, but it’s harmful to the delicate balance of the sea to break off living coral just for the sake of decoration, so Pottery Barn offers these life-like resin replicas instead.2

They’re available in white, ivory, or light blue, and look so real!

5. Wire Ship

Wire Ship

Price: $49.00 at potterybarn.com

What a perfect nautical home accessory, especially when displayed with a vintage-inspired map or globe, perhaps across the top of a low book-case?

It’s made of galvanized iron and measures almost two feet tall…

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