8 Cool Ways to Wear a Scarf ...


A scarf is always an interesting, fashionable way to breathe new life into your single color outfit and, although some would say it doesn’t really give plenty of options for being creative, I’ll have to disagree.

In fact, a scarf is the most fun of all your accessories because, unlike bags, hats and belts that have no alternative uses, a scarf can be combined in millions of ways!

And these are just some of them:

1. Boho Chick

Boho Chick

Photo Credit: academichic

There are plenty of ways to use your long scarves to reflect this popular laid back style.2

The first and the easiest one to do is to wrap your scarf starting from the front of your neck, cross the sides on the back, bring them up forward again and just leave them like that.

You can also wrap it around your waist and give that baggy linen dress or tunic a more formfitting shape.

2. Stunning Cowgirl

Stunning Cowgirl

Photo Credit: pyimdesigns

This is a very popular way to wear a scarf these days and I’m not talking about girls only!

I’ve seen a lot of guys wearing it too!

You’ll need to fold your scarf to get a triangle, flip it downwards, like cowboys, cross the sides in the back and bring them forward.

Don’t worry, you won’t actually look like you’ve just stepped out of a western movie.

Your scarf is big enough to give you all those cool layers and creases and, if you ask me, this is a perfect accessory when you want to wear jeans, boots and a cool leather jacket.

P.S – Don’t forget the shades either!3

Wayfarers or Aviators, the choice is yours!

3. Vintage Diva

Vintage Diva

Photo Credit: academichic

An everyday version of a little black dress, huge vintage shades and a silk scarf to match!

Combining these three things I’m positively sure you have in your closet will make you feel like Sophia Loren and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time fixing your hair!2

Just put it up in a bun, pin the center of your scarf to it, bring the ends forward, cross them and toss them back.

If the scarf is long enough you can wrap it around your neck two times – it will help tighten it up so you won’t have to fix it every few minutes.

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