7 Tips on Introducing Your Pet to Your Newborn …


Bringing home a new baby isn’t only going to cause a difference in your personal life, but it will also have an affect on your pet.

Cats and dogs will often accept a new member of the family relatively easy, unless they were the only ones receiving your constant attention before you brought home your newborn.

The following 7 tips on introducing your pet to your newborn might make the adjustment to having a baby in the house much easier on everyone.

7. Prepare Your Pet for the Newborn’s Arrival

Play tapes or CDs with baby noises on them to prepare your pet for the sounds your newborn will make.

Dogs and cats tend to be curious about new things in the house and a baby not only looks different, but he sounds different too.

Besides introducing your pet to the sounds a newborn makes, you might want to help the animal get used to you caring for another being as well.

Carry a doll around the house and treat it like a living being.

Talk to it, rock it, and watch your pet’s reaction.2

6. Allow Pets to Check out the Nursery

If you’ve recently been spending a lot of time on the nursery, your pet is probably wondering what all the hubbub is about.

Let him check things out and sniff around the room to see what’s going on.2

Animals are curious about all changes, even if it is only a minor adjustment such as a baby bed being moved into your bedroom.2

Give him time to look things over and reassure him that this change is a good one.

5. Watch for Any Behavioral Changes in Your Pet

Pets often retaliate to drastic changes they don’t agree with by either urinating on or chewing up items to get your attention.

It could be a pair of shoes, an item that belongs to the new baby, or maybe just a fresh pee puddle in the middle of the living room.

Since your pet can’t verbally explain the feelings he is having about this new addition to the family, watch out for changes in his behavior.

Make Sure the Newborn Can’t Get a Handful of Your Pet’s Fur
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