7 Best Exotic Pets ...

By Jelena

7 Best Exotic Pets ...

Exotic pets can be a huge responsibility and, if you’re thinking about getting one of those to keep you company, I bet you’ve already consulted tenths of websites explaining all the do’s, don’ts and things you must consider before getting one. Now, I won’t be dealing with those today, as that is your part of the job, I am, however, going to give you some info on these following 7 creatures many people consider the best exotic pets ever:

1 Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders Photo Credit: Sandra Elford

These cuddly, tiny creatures, also known as pocket pets, will bring joy to your life for years to come. Sugar Gliders are very loyal, playful and can be taught many tricks and that’s what makes them one of the best exotic pets for both singles and families with older kids. Bad news? Well, they can’t be house broken so, if you have your mind set on this pet, you will have to learn to tolerate those “little surprises” he’ll leave laying around the house.

2 Ferrets

Ferrets Photo Credit: Stacy Lynn Baum

If you don’t mind the odor which can get a bit unpleasant and the fact that your pet probably won’t live more than 8 years, definitely add ferrets to your list of best exotic pets. This interesting animal will definitely keep you busy as it likes to play, chew things and even steal, plus you’ll find it very easy to litter train, just like any other “normal” pet.

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3 Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons Photo Credit: Kingdom Animalia

These odd-looking reptiles are a very popular house pet these days so, if you like reptiles, you’ll definitely find this one worth checking out. Bearded dragons are not only famous for their bright colors and poufy beard-like throat but for their playfulness too. Yup, this reptile is actually any very active during the day and will let you touch it too.

4 Gerbils

Gerbils Photo Credit: katgriceuk

These cute, furry mammals are so popular, they are not even considered “exotic” anymore! Would you believe if I told you these cuties were originally used in laboratories? Yup, that’s so sad, I know! But as you can see, not even lab staff was able to resist their fluffiness, comically large rear feet and the ability to look totally cute while spending most of their time standing upright, almost like humans. If you’re thinking about getting a gerbil you better make it two, as they really hate being alone Now, that may sound like too much to handle but don’t worry – gerbils are very low maintenance, they don’t take up a lot of space and they eat mostly nut and seed mixtures available in any well-stocked pet shop.

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5 Chinchillas

Chinchillas Photo Credit: T vanDam

Soft as a plush toy, chinchilla is definitely one of the best exotic pets ever! These rodents like being the centre of attention and can get pretty lonely if their beloved doesn’t give them the love and attention they need so, if you have a busy lifestyle, it’s better to get two of them to keep each other company. Chinchillas love to play and are one of those animals who grow attached to their owner very quickly and if you make sure your pet receives the best of care, it will keep you company for up to 20 years!

6 Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab Photo Credit: el lucero

These crustaceans are very fun to watch and easy to care for although you should be very careful of where you keep them as they like to climb and explore. Hermit crabs are nocturnal which means there won’t be a lot of action during the day. Now, being a pretty nocturnal creature myself, I’d say this could be an advantage because you’ll have somebody to keep you company! Fun fact: These are not your regular, everyday crabs, have that in mind. They like to inhabit empty shells and carry them around like snails, which, of course, gives you a chance to style your pet’s new “house”.

7 Fennec Foxes

Fennec Foxes Photo Credit: wAlanb

Now, if you ask me, having a pet fox is definitely too much but since that goes for my beloved python snakes too, I’ll just keep my big mouth shut and keep writing about these foxes and reasons for which people choose to have them as pets. One of the first and the cutest things you’ll notice on this pet are its unusually long, funny, Yoda-like ears and, if that alone is not enough to convince you to get it, you’ll be interested to know these foxes are easily tamed and even leash trained. Now, that would sure come handy because these animals like a lot of action!

Now, tell me – which ones of these could make the best exotic pets for you and your family? I personally like them but, if I had to choose only one from this list, it will definitely be a sugar glider! I’ve never seen one and I don’t even know if they are legal and available in Europe but, if I ever find one, I’m definitely getting it!

Top Photo Credit: Wm Jas

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i didn't know it was even legal to have some of these pets =S

I have two sugar gliders and they are such spectacular pets! I was so excited to see that they had made it onto your list! I would recommend them to anyone who is willing to care for them. They need a lot of attention and love but once they bond with you they are the sweetest little things.

The thing about fennic foxes, though, is that they're nocturnal and can make a lot of noise at night, for this reason, many unsuspecting people will get one and find out that they can't live with something that makes as much noise as it does at night. So always be sure your research the animal before you decide to get one.

I am desperate for a hedgehog... I know they make horrible pokey pets, so I'd never actually get one... but they're so adorable!

OOOOO! gerbils are sooo adorable!

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