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8 Birthday Surprises for Your Pet

By Mercy

For many people, pets are not animals at all, but part of their families. They tend to treat their pets as people. It is hardly surprising the, that they want to celebrate their pet’s birthday and want to give their pets birthday surprises. Here is a list of 8 birthday surprises for your pet.

1 Throw a Birthday Party

What can be a better birthday surprise for your pet than a birthday party? Plan the birthday party just as you would for your family member. Send out invitation cards, set up birthday décor, get a birthday cake and get return favors. Not only your pet, but even you will enjoy the birthday party.

2 Give Your Pet Its Favorite Treat

Every pet has something that it likes more than other things. Dogs love bones, cats love catnip, etc. Surprise your pet with the food that it likes to eat the best.

3 Give Your Pet a Birthday Present

This is one of the best birthday surprises for your pet. The best birthday present is a toy that your pet will enjoy playing with. It will get hours of amusement and enjoyment from the toy you gift it.

4 Give Your Pet a Bath

If your pet loves water, it will love this surprise. Don’t just give it a bath, play with it with water. For instance, play with the water hose and spray your pet with it or let it play in its bathtub. On the other hand, if your pet doesn’t like water, skip the bath even if it is scheduled for that day.

5 Gift Your Pet a New Collar

Most pets wear collars. Gift your pet a new collar in a nice bright color. It will feel the difference because the new collar will smell different from the old one.

6 Take Your Pet to Be Groomed

Take your pet to a grooming specialist and have it thoroughly groomed. Your pet will feel pampered ad will come out of the grooming session looking like a million dollars.

7 Set a Play Date with Other Pets

This is by far one of the best birthday surprises for your pet. Set up a play date with other pets in the neighborhood. Meet in a park or an open place and let all the pets play and run riot. Your pet is sure to enjoy this play date on its birthday.

8 Pamper Your Pet

This one goes without saying, perhaps. Give your pet a lot of love, care, affection and attention on its birthday. Make sure that you take a moment to realize how much you love your pet and shower it with the affection you feel for it. Love is a language your pet understands best.

Of course, you pet does not know or understand the concept of birthday, but there is no doubt that if you try any or all of the 8 birthday surprises for your pet, it will have a great time on its birthday.

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