7 Reasons to Get an Unusual Pet ...

By Jelena

7 Reasons to Get an Unusual Pet ...

Ever thought about getting a really unusual pet? A pet snake, a spider or even a monkey? You know… something other than cats, dogs, gold fishes and parrots? I’ve always wanted to have a pet snake so the whole idea of exotic, unusual pets sounds very appealing to me. Now, I’ve never got it and I probably never will but I do have my reasons why having an extraordinary pet could be a fun, new and rewarding experience…

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“Cool” Factor

Getting a pet just because pets are “cool” isn’t supposed to be the one and only reason, of course, but it sure makes a nice addition to all the following ones. If it’s a spider, a snake or any one of those scary creatures, you could train it and even make public appearances. Cute and yet unusual pets like chinchillas, monkeys or squirrels are probably something most people find less intimidating and worth seeing so, if you opt for one of these, you and your pet will be an object of interest everywhere you go.


New Experiences

Not all dogs and cats act the same, so you can only imagine how many new, interesting experiences and situations could come out of owning an exotic pet. The way it acts when it’s hungry or scared, the times of day or night when it’s most active, the way it expresses its affection for you – all of these behaviors are something totally new and unknown to you so having an unusual pet will be just as rewarding as having a traditional, ordinary one, if not even more.



Some exotic pets are very sensitive, others can even be dangerous so taking care of them isn’t all fun and games – it’s a really responsible “job” that could help you develop the skills you’ll definitely find useful later in life. You will have to feed it special food, clean its “living space” and make sure it is not left to wander around unattended.


“Fun” Factor

Your exotic, unusual pet could be a cute, peaceful Axolotl or a huge, scary, fuzzy spider – it doesn’t matter what others think, the important is that you feel good playing with it. I use the term “playing” very liberally here as I can’t really imagine how one could play with an aquatic creature like Axolotl. Nevertheless, fun is an individual thing too and, with an exotic pet, even normal things like feeding can be really interesting. Believe me, mixing different brands of dog food in the unique ratio my self-proclaimed prince finds edible definitely isn’t the most interesting thing on this world!



Most unusual pets I can think of don’t require a walk 2 times a day, baths and brushing and, if you ask me, that’s definitely a pro! Some of them do require special food like mice, bugs and whatnot but that’s something you can get in a pet store, so I don’t look at it as a big inconvenience that could mess with afore mentioned pros. Let’s face it, even cats and dogs need special food and, although some people choose to disregard this, I believe you can’t simply feed an “ordinary” pet with your leftovers and expect it to be healthy and live long.

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Because You Love That Animal

I find snakes fascinating and I would love to have one as a pet. Unfortunately, not one person I know shares my love for snakes and I’ve been told that, in case I ever decide to get a pet snake, my new pet and I will have to settle for the dog house. I can only imagine how satisfying and fulfilling would it be to have the animal you love and admire close to you, to be able to watch it grow, feed it, touch it and care for it.


Meeting Other Exotic Pet Owners

More and more people find unusual pets very interesting so you might even realize that your choice of pets now plays a significant role in your social life. It could help you meet plenty of interesting people and it’s definitely a good conversation topic and a reason to stay in touch with other pet owners. Talking about pets and sharing care tips is just one of the perks you’d be able to enjoy, especially if your friends find your pet too scary or gross to talk about.

Do you maybe have an unusual pet and some of your own reasons why taking care of such creatures is better or more interesting? Let’s make a list of all unusual pets or odd, cute or even a bit scary creatures you’ve seen people keep as pets! My vote goes to snakes and chinchillas!

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