7 Great Accessories by Lucky Penny ...


Once I find a designer or brand I love, Iโ€™m fiercely loyal, looking to them first for all of my new wants and needs. Iโ€™ve recently discovered an accessories brand I adore, Lucky Penny, and Iโ€™m delighted that Anthropologie carries part of their line of shoes, bags, and more. Intrigued? Keep reading! Here are 7 great accessories by Lucky Pennyโ€ฆ

1. Lucky Penny Bands & Buckles Flats

Lucky Penny Bands & Buckles Flats

Price: $128.00 at anthropologie.com

Take a simple ecru ballet flat and wind them with cocoa leather straps, finished with three adjustable brass buckles, and you have the perfect shoes for wearing with a floral-print frock, sweater and knit leggings, or skinny jeans and a tank.

Lucky Penny Secret Locales Hobo
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