7 Best Ab Exercises ...


Bikini season is just a few weeks away, and if you’re anything like me, you want to tone your tummy a bit before your first beach day.

Aside from cutting back on the calories and getting some good cardio four days a week (for 20 minutes), you need to start adding three or four days of ab work, too!

Not sure what exercises to add to your work-out to tone your abs?

No worries!

Here’s my list of the seven best ab exercises…

1. Decline Bench Leg Raises


You might be wondering how doing leg raises is going to work you abs, but trust me, after even one set of 12 of these, you’ll see.

Sit on a decline bench with your hands behind you, gripping the bench, for support.

Bend your knees, then using your hips as a pivot point, raise your knees up to your chest, then lower them in a controlled movement.

Remember, use your HIPS as the pivot, or you might put undue strain on your back!

BOSU Ball Planks
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