10 Ways to Get Rid of Freckles ...


Freckles are known for effecting mostly the facial skin, arms and shoulder area.

Both men &

women are always contemplating ways to get rid of those freckles.

Below, I am going to tell you about some solutions that may work for you.

Take note that each one of these solutions has worked on someone I know.

I do not know if they will work as effectively on your skin as everyone is different, but they are well worth the try…

10. Juice Mix

Natural parsley juice that has been mixed up with an equal amount of red currant juice, orange juice and lemon juice under your favorite skin cream will help those freckles disappear.

This is a technique that my friend personally used and she told me that it worked in as little as two weeks.

9. Bleaching Creams

If nothing works for you, then you could always try out those bleaching creams.

Many individuals who were tired of having wrinkles chose these bleaching creams.2

Bleaching agents will attempt to fade the color of the surrounding skin.2

However, I have seen some cases where it can darken the skin surrounding the freckles, which calls even more attention around those spots.

So, use this cream at your own risk and study up on it.

Make sure it is your last resort.

8. Less Sun

Having too much sun exposure is no good as it does more harm to your skin than it does good.

Sure, it can help you get that tan, but do you know what it is doing to your skin at the same time?

It is changing certain cells into dangerous skin cancers.

Those actions can also cause both age spots and freckles.

This is why I highly recommend you avoiding too much sun exposure.2

7. IPL Treatments

Practitioners have come up with IPL treatments for new patients.

On average, they recommend four to six treatments done at three week intervals.

Each one of the sessions will last about twenty minutes.

IPL treatments are going to gradually make your freckles invisible.

Laser Removal
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