13 Signs He's Ready to Commit to You ...

Wondering if heโ€™s the one?

Well, if you want to be absolutely certain that you can take the next step, then here are 13 signs to look out for to check if heโ€™s ready to commit!

1. Itโ€™s out in the Open

If your partner is expressive about how much he loves you and seriously talks about how much he wants to be with you, thatโ€™s a really good sign!

Lucky you!

Most relationships donโ€™t get this far!

Speed Dating Expert said: When A Man Wants To Become Your Husband, He Starts Acting Like Your Husband.

When a man is ready to commit โ€” as a boyfriend or husband โ€” you will know it because he will simply start acting in that role.

Youโ€™re Not a Secret!