Workin on My Fitness ...

Tools and more that help me keep in shape!

You know I love my S Factor. It is re shaping my body and my attitude. I recommend everyone try it. If you live near a studio they have intro classes that cost $40. The actual class is pretty darn pricey but its so worth it. $440 per session, which lasts 8 weeks (2 hour class one day a week). I shell out the cash without blinking an eye because it makes me happy. I wish I had more time to take more than one class a week, but I don't - so I put up a pole in my apartment and own the DVDs.

Favorite songs to S to (mind you some of them I would never listen to on a regular basis, but they are darn fun to dance to)
• Marilyn Manson "I Put a Spell on You" and "tainted love"• Hole "Violet", T.I " What You Know"-• dirty old Fergie "London Bridge"• Rob Zombie "Living Dead Girl"• Bjork "Hunter"

Do I have any other S gals out there? Let me know if you have ever tried it and what you think.

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