What Drug is Nicole Richie on Now?

When Nicole Richie was hospitalized on March 2 for dehydration, one friend worried Nicole was back on heroin. But In Touch can reveal this is not true. Insiders say Nicole has been using Adderall - a prescription drug normally used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and is a powerful appetite suppressant. "She loves Adderall because she stays awake, and it makes her not want to eat," says a close pal. "And she takes it even more when she's filming." Although her rep denies that she uses the drug, a pal says Nicole's actually increased her dosage: "She's taking more and more lately."

So do y'all think she just took an Adderall?

Joel & Nicole went to Barney's where the canoodling couple kissed in-store and attracted the attention of many other shoppers. Or, at least, shoppers who were kicked out of the store because of **them **and forced to peer in through windows.

Source: JustJared

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