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Britney Spears Makes out in Bushes is Broke

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The Daily Star claims Britney Spears is facing "bankruptcy" after spending $21 million of her $32 million fortune in the past two years and is "scared to death" of the financial situation she faces when she leaves rehab. A family friend says:

"She has to concentrate on staying sober, but she can't do that if she has to worry about going broke - which is exactly what she thinks will happen."

I don't know how $11 million is even close to bankruptcy, but whatever. In another Britney story, the Daily Star claims she was caught making out with another patient in the bushes. A source says:

"Britney and her new male friend decided to play a game of tennis. Britney is allowed a little more freedom now she's been in the centre a while. The next thing they had sneaked off into the bushes and were getting pretty passionate. They weren't actually having sex but there was definitely some groping. We had to step in to separate them. They were told off. They're in rehab and relationships between vulnerable people aren't really encouraged."

So Britney Spears is broke and trying to have sex with drug addicts in bushes. I dunno about you but she sounds cured. Once she gets out I wouldn't be surprised if she worked her way up to become President of the United States. Or the Pope.

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