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Dallas Austin Says Christina Aguilera Offerred SEX for BEATS

By D*ana

What a load of sh*t this is... Who the F is Dallas Austin to talk sh*t about anyone?

First of all, the quotes from him demonstrate a complete lack of ability to even speak English, so I am not going to take anything he says as real... to say Ciara is some respectable chick while Christina and Joss Stone gave up sex for beats... Whatever.

He even says that Christina wants to have a THREESOME with him and HER HUSBAND!! And he claims Joss Stone skanked herself out to his friends in exchange for help on her CD...

"Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone... all these bitches be f**kin' for tracks.

"You go in the studio with the regular girls like Ciara and them, they just want to get their work done. F--k all these bitches f--kin' for tracks!"

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This just bugs me.

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