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Anna Nicole Cause of Death Determined

By Wendy

This is all pure speculation - but pretty convincing speculation - done by the National Enqurier and Star magazine. Damn, those two are like Charlie’s Angels! Except there’s only two of them. Not a good metaphor after all. ANYWAY, it’s kinda long, but really interesting, so read it. OR ELSE.

Anna Nicole Smith died with a toxic level of the sleeping medication chloral hydrate in her system.

In a joint newsgathering operation, the National ENQUIRER and Star magazine have solved the mystery of the former Playboy model’s death and provide a detailed portrait of her final days.

The world exclusive details come days before Broward County, Fla., Chief Medical Examiner Joshua Perper will hold a press conference to announce the former Playboy Playmate’s cause of death.

The ENQUIRER and Star have also learned that Anna Nicole had a raging blood infection. The infection was caused by an unsterilized needle and contributed to her death.

The infection was so serious, it would have killed her if she had not overdosed.

Contrary to speculation, tests show Anna Nicole did not have methadone or any other painkilling drug in her system at the time of her death.

The ENQUIRER learned that just before she left the Bahamas for Florida on February 5, three days before she died, Anna Nicole received an injection in her left buttock.

Tests did not reveal what that substance was.

"As she boarded the plane for Miami, Anna Nicole developed a painful abscess at the site of the injection," said a source with knowledge of the case. "The needle wasn’t sterile. The pain kept getting worse as the abscess got larger and larger very quickly."

From Miami, Anna Nicole and her live-in lawyer Howard K. Stern traveled to Hollywood, Fla. The pain from the abscess became excruciating and Anna Nicole developed a high fever.

By the time she got to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino her fever was 105.

Anna Nicole, unaware that her blood was being poisoned by infection, had also developed a second infection from a virulent form of norovirus, which causes intestinal problems.

It was at this point that Anna Nicole

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