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Victoria Beckham Wants to Start a Book Club - Even Though She's Never Read a Book

By Wendy

HA! This is rich. Compare the two quotes here; first, we have the most recent one where she talks about the new book club she’s going to form:

Victoria Beckham is to start her own Hollywood book club, with Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez set to join.

The former Spice Girl - who moves to Los Angeles in the summer with husband David and their three sons - is keen to teach her American pals about classic English literature and sees the club as a perfect way to do it.

The 32-year-old star plans for members of the exclusive book club to meet once a month at each other’s houses, where they will discuss the book they’ve been reading.

A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: "When Victoria told Katie about a book club, Katie thought it was a great idea, especially as she would love to learn more about British classics.

"Victoria has asked five of her friends, including Jennifer Lopez and Katie, to become members."

Books that Victoria wants to talk about, include Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Emma’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility’, as well as tomes by literary giants Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy.

Okay, got that? Think she’s really read those books? ME EITHER. But here’s the best part - Post Spice in an interview with the Guardian:

"I haven’t read a book in my life," Beckham confesses. "I don’t have the time." However, the 31-year-old former Spice Girl does shrug off suggestions that she is a philistine. "I prefer listening to music, although I do love fashion magazines."

Oh, well - you know that instead of reading Bronte they’re going to be reading stuff like this:

Or this:

Or maybe this:

This is definitely going to be talked about:

And SOMEBODY keeps pushing this one, three guesses as to who:

Via Victoria Beckham's book club and Via I've never read a book, ...

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