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Nelly Furtado in Flare Magazine

By Jen

Nelly Furtado looks divine in the new issue of Candian magazine Flare. In the interview she talks about the possiblity of doing a duet with Kylie, which I for one would love to hear:

“I really relate to Kylie Minogue’s strong work ethic,” she says. “She feels like she owes it to her fans to keep going. She’s always really gracious. I find it extremely honourable that, after she healed [Minogue has battled breast cancer], she headed back to finish her tour. I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s full of good energy. Not surprisingly, Furtado also made quite the impression on Minogue. After their last meeting, Furtado got a call from Kylie’s camp to see if she was available to collaborate with her for the Aussie pop queen’s next album. “We might do a duet,” Furtado says, smiling, revealing nothing else of her plans for the track. “We were supposed to hook up and write in London last week, but she was feeling a little under the weather. But we’re trying to make it happen.”

Nelly also talks about her transformation from her folk styled debut, “I’m like a bird” to her current hip-hop sound courtesy of producer Timbaland:

"There is a difference between being a pop singer and a pop artist,” she says, trying to explain the method to her magic. “When I think of pop artists, I think of Madonna and people whose art reflects their life

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