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Geeks on Fashion Parade Sasha Meets Balenciaga-clad Bryanboy ...

By Sasha

The experience can be likened to a celebrity sighting (no kidding!). He looked larger than life to me since I did see his photos (its plastered all over his blog) so it’s like seeing a familiar face in the crowd.

Me (all smiles): Hi, I’m Sasha from The Parody (referring to a blog he left a comment on)

Bryanboy(smiling back): God, you’re sooo thin! I hate you!

I’m hoping that that came out simply because he wanted to be thinner (like he already wasn’t!) like he wrote on his blog. If not, I guess, he does hate me. Waaah.

Who exactly is Bryanboy?

He blogs at, which is “narcissistic and incessantly advocating debauchery and hedonism. Expect a lot of bitching, shameless self-promotion, men, shopping, “I love Bryanboy” photos and, of course, Bryanboy. And watch out for that infamous Bryanboy pose… Proud of his own candid definitions of life and his passion (or was it obsession?) for all things expensive. You got that right. He’s not just out there to go bargain-hunting, girls, he’s out there for blood. Bryanboy’s making a name of himself in educating the rest of the world that being a citizen of a third-world country and being brown aren’t factors that will hinder him from getting what he wants. Everything. And Goyard and YSL.”

Yes, my dear fashionistas, if you rummage through my archive you’ll find an old post on which I featured **Bryanboy’s blog** on my **Blogspy Series**.

Bryanboy thinks that he has no fashion sense but I beg to disagree. I find his style very european and I love it. I love individuals who are not afraid to experiment and develop their own personal style! In fact, I love the **Balenciaga** and the **Marjan Pejoski** he wore that night even when he claims their ancient. i even actually read up on his old post on the **Marjan Pejoski Meels**.

Anyway, our brief encounter was cut short since it became this all-out shoot fest. Twas the first time I ever found myself smiling infront of more than a handful of cameras! It was a meeting that’s definitely hard to forget!

He went on to bag the **Best Blog for Fashion & Lifestyle** that truly sealed his claim to being “Le Superstar Fabuleux”! Congratulations!

Photo & image credit: Bryanboy and Karla Redor.

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