Doggy Fashion

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I've been dying to get a dog for more than a year. Unfortunately, my girlfriend has vetoed that proposition. This means I'm constantly wondering about all the cool things I would be able to do if we had a canine in the house.

For instance, think of all the awesome stuff you can buy for pets. I'm not talking about little doggy sweaters (I'm not a total geek), I mean the stylish little gadgets and gizmos that -- thanks to the wonders of modern technology -- can now be part of dog ownership.

Wired has compiled a very thorough list of all the random bits of electronic stuff that you can purchase for your pooch, but my favorites are: the doggy cam (a cam that you attach to your pet's collar, so you can see what they see), Doggles (goggles with 100% UV protection), ISeePet (an auto-feeder with a built-in webcam), and the doggy cell phone (which not only lets you find your pet via GPS tracking, but also lets you speak to Fido while he barks back).

OK, maybe these aren't the most important reasons to get a pet, but it certainly makes dog ownership that much more enticing.
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