Lauren Conrad's Fashion Collection

The Lauren Conrad Collection is finally available for us to see on the
Lauren Conrad website.

I must say I am shocked. Shocked at the prices for what seems to me to be just a collection of basics. This is not high end designer clothes. It is not S.Miller by Sienna and Savannah Miller, in which one of them - Savannah - actually has a design degree. This collection is also not The Row, in which the Olsen twins actually know a thing or two about fashion. This is Lauren Conrad with no fashion credibility selling leggings in her collection for $48.

Yes, $48, and it does not stop there. Dresses are around $140 and a tube top is $42.

This is a girl who is selling her designs to the MTV generation. A generation of kids who are either living off their parents allowance, or have weekend jobs.

Can they really afford to buy a jersey dress for $140, when they can go to H&M, Forever 21, Steven & Barry's for 'Bitten' & 'Dear by Amanda Bynes' and buy a similar, if not the same dress for £29.99 or less?

I don't think so.

The collection is only available online.


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