Jennifer Love Hewitt's New "Timeless" Fashion Line


Jennifer Love Hewitt's New "Timeless" Fashion Line
Jennifer Love Hewitt's New "Timeless" Fashion Line

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Jennifer Love Hewitt, the actress you may know from TV's Ghost Whisperer (but most likely from Party of 5 and I Know What You Did Last Summer), has -- just like all the other celebrities -- started a fashion line.

It's called "Timeless," because she wants to create clothes that are...timeless. By creating "a fashion collection that speaks of elegance and lasting style, but still shows off today's fashions and trends," Hewitt hopes to achieve the same thing as every fashion designer that's ever lived.

Somehow, given the recent lukewarm attempts by some of her famous actress colleagues, I doubt Hewitt will revolutionize the fashion industry. No news on which retailer is going to pick up the collection, but if the line sells, expect to see her branch out into accessories, health and beauty.

I know it helps generate interest when a celebrity attaches his or her name to a clothing line, but, after the buzz dies down, it seems most of these collections don't sell. How long before retailers will stop stifling the fashion industry with these uninspired creations by people who don't know what they're doing?
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