Kimora Life in the Fab Lane ...


Kimora Life in the Fab Lane ...
Kimora Life in the Fab Lane ...

Hola Muchachas!

I didn't catch the premiere Sunday night, but I watched it Monday night. I absolutely love this show. I really appreciate the way they capture Kimora being a mother and fashion empire mogul.

My favorite part of the show was the cupcake scene. Her girls are so cute, and I love that Kimora ate the cupcake even though it looked really nasty. It is obvious that her assertiveness and ambition is what keeps Baby Phat and all of her other side projects popular and selling. I hope to have a similar business as her one day and to still be able to juggle all the other aspects of life. I'm addicted and I will be watching.
Me Despido Por Ahora

Product of the Week:

The product of the week is Victoria's Secret Garden Body Sugar Scrubs. I only tried the My Desire scent, which is one of my favorites. I really loved the smell, but I was really annoyed with the scrub part of it. The sugar crystals melt really fast, so you only get to scrub one body part at a time before the sugar dissolves. I bought it for only $2.75 so I'm not really mad, but it smelled really good.

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