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Gabriel Aubry Vital Stats


**Birth Name: **Gabriel Aubry
Birth Date: January 4, 1976
Birth Place: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
**Height: **6’2”
Romantic Link: Halle Berry

Gabriel Aubry Interesting Facts

Gabriel Aubry admires Paul Newman.

Gabriel Aubry’s nickname is Gabe and cites playing guitar as one of his most embarrassing moments.

Gabriel Aubry decorated his new Cuban restaurant, Café Fuego, almost entirely from stuff he bought on eBay.

Gabriel Aubry Biography

Born on January 4, 1976, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Gabriel never planned on becoming a high-paid professional model.

**Gabriel Aubry discovered in Montreal
In 1995, Gabriel Aubry was spotted at a ski resort nightclub on the outskirts of Montreal. By chance, a modeling agency was having a party at the same resort and one of the company’s stylists spotted him and gave Gabriel his business card.

With a little hesitation, Gabriel decided to throw caution to the wind and called the stylist. The next thing he knew, Gabriel Aubry was on a plane headed to New York to do a shoot.

Described as androgynous with a boyish charm at the initial stages of his career, Gabriel was very busy doing popular campaigns for Calvin Klein, Valentino, Hugo Boss, DKNY, and Exte.

Gabriel Aubry does Hugo Boss

While it was commonplace for most male models to fall by the wayside after only a few shoots, Gabriel Aubry was on his way to the top of his profession, as he recruited for a two huge Hugo Boss clothing and fragrance campaigns in 2002, alongside supermodels Amber Valletta and Mini Anden.

As Gabriel aged (and aged well, mind you) his features became sharper and his description switched from androgynous to rugged and gentlemanly. And considering he remains timid and shies away from paparazzi, it’s no wonder he’s in such high demand on the runways.

Gabriel Aubry dating Halle Berry

A runway favorite of Versace, Cerruti, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, to name only a few, Gabriel now commands upwards of $30,000 a day when he’s working.

On the personal front, Gabriel Aubry is currently dating Halle Berry. The two met in December 2005 during a 20-hour shoot by Mario Testino for a Versace ad, and now Halle is expecting their first child in 2008.

Gabriel Aubry also opened up a quaint Cuban restaurant in New York called Café Fuego in November 2006, using all the ideas he gathered from Cuban restaurants around the world.

To keep himself in tip-top shape, Gabriel makes sure that he works out 3 times a week and eats healthily as often as he can.

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