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Natalie Imbruglia's Torn Was Ten Years Ago??

By popbytes

hey kids! every once in a while i have a moment where i'm all 'oh shit has that much time really passed?!?' tonight i had one o' those moments when i discovered that **natalie imbruglia**'s big hit song torn is ten years old! (join the aussie on myspace) i swear '97 feels just like yesterday! (i turn 32 in january - a totally depressing thought...) when i first heard of her - the song completely annoyed me but after hearing it for like the millionth time i was finally won over - yet it wasn't until i picked up her debut disc left of the middle which actually is one of my all-time favorite albums! (her 2nd & 3rd albums unfortunately never achieved the commercial success of the first one) on september 10th she'll be releasing glorious: the singles 1997-2007 - containing a bunch of her singles along with two new tracks 'glorious' & 'be with you' (she's apparently working on a brand new 4th album which will be released in '08 - i know she has another huge hit inside of her) plus it will come with a DVD of her videos - the huge bummer is though that it won't be getting a proper stateside release - it'll be heading to europe, asia & australia! (whoever makes those decisions sucks!) i've posted the brand new video for 'glorious' below - plus two vintage tracks 'smoke' & 'big mistake' - all three songs kick ass! popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

smoke****big mistake

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