Canadas Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 3 Recap


Canadas Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 3 Recap
Canadas Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

Here’s a recap of this week’s episode (Season 2 Episode 3) of Canada’s Next Top Model:

When the girls got home from last week’s judging there were really nice 8MP">">8MP Kodak digital cameras waiting for each of them with a note from Jay. Right away they started taking pictures of each other. The next morning they headed to an ice rink.

They had a challenge where they had to skate gracefully. Poor Mo couldn’t skate though and fell on her back! It wasn’t all bad though because the girls got to skate with hunky hockey players. Then the gals took off their skates and put on high heels and walked a red runway on the ice.

They then left the arena and headed to Much Music for a Walk Off! The Audience got to choose the best runway walk and the winner got a diamond watch!

Tara won the challenge with her whisk walk.

The girls were all pretty jealous…

Cattiness was afoot and the girls were also picking on Gina who moved Jacqueline’s (who was cut the night before) bed to make room for some of her shoes.

The next day the girls went to a greenhouse to shoot a commercial for Venus">">Venus Razors. Tara was really nervous because it’s her weakness.

When it came time for the shoot, Gina was having head wobbling issues, Mo was tongue tied, Cori was bubbly and nailed it, Rebecca had memory issues, Sinead blew Nole away with her natural abilities, Steff thought she’d have an easy time since she’s done acting before but had issues remembering her lines, Tia revealed her issues with reading because of dyslexia and was really nervous but ended up doing an ok job in the end, Nole thought Tara sounded constipated and was the worst according to Nole.

At judging the girls first had to show the panel their runway walks. In the end Gina and Steff were in the bottom two and Steff was sent home.

My favorite from this week is Cori by far. She just seems like she should be either in front of a camera whether it be on TV or in pictures.

Who do you think should have gone home this week? Do you think the judges made the right decision? I have to admit that although I liked Steff’s personality, I wasn’t really into her look. And I LOVE Gina so I’m glad she didn’t get sent home. Gotta love dimples!

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