Americas Next Top Model Cycle 9 Episode 1


Americas Next Top Model Cycle 9 Episode 1
Americas Next Top Model Cycle 9 Episode 1

Here’s my recap of tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 9 Episode 1

The girls went to the Caribbean for casting! 33 girls arrived in the Caribbean in blindfolds. They take off their blindfold and see that they’re going to be on a cruise!

The girl’s first challenge is to walk a runway on the top deck of the cruise wearing life jackets.

The next day the girls are eating breakfast when all of a sudden Tyra Banks comes out in a fabulous costume adorned with feathers and does a little dance.

Tyra, Ms Jay and Mr Jay meet with each girl.

Ambreal is first and she walks with Tyra. Tyra thinks she’s almost like Naomi Campbell

Chantal is next and Jay thinks that everything she did was "So modelesque".

Next is Sylvia. She seems really awkward.

Heather has aspergers. She has a weird walk. Mr Jay asks if she can make it in high fashion and Tyra says she can work her horrible walk.

Saleisha is from Tyra’s T-zone camp. Tyra asks what she got from the camp. She says it helped her self esteem.

Victoria was really nervous. and thinks the girls are dumb

Janet does bikini waxes and Tyra gets up on the table to get a simulated Brazilian wax.

Jennifer is blind in her right eye.

Marvita has been through a lot. She was raped and molested as a kid. Tyra thinks she has amazing bone structure.

Mila seems crazy!

Christie Look like Adriana Lima.

Sabrina is really cocky.

girls don’t like Jenah

Sarah came out with something up her nose

Lisa was a dorky kid and is now an exotic dancer. Later on she gives the other models a show!

Bianca is spunky. She calls herself a "Fun Bitch".

Kimberly is a bit nuts and screams but Mr. Jay loves her.

Ebony has a tough exterior but Tyra breaks her down. Her grandma saved her life.

The girls head down to the beach where last year’s winner Jaslene is hanging out. They announce that their first photo shoot is a swimsuit shot. After they’re done the Jays tell them that it’s time for their first cut. 13 are going to be left behind on the island.

The girls who didn’t make it are really upset. So sad…

Tyra tells the girls that they’re going to cut another 7 girls.

Now down to 13.

Overall kind of a strange episode. It didn’t seem to have much focus, but I’m really excited for this new set of girls. They’re all so pretty! Who’s your favorite?

Check back soon for screen captures from tonight.

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