NY Fashion Week Charlotte Ronson


NY Fashion Week Charlotte Ronson
NY Fashion Week Charlotte Ronson

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I wasn't even going to write about the Charlotte Ronson because I figured no one would know or care who Charlotte Ronson was. In all honesty, you need to know who Charlotte Ronson is because her runway show was awesome.

London native, Charlotte Ronson was born with the gift of a unique sense of style. At a young age she started making funky designs out of vintage shirts for her friends. This branched out to become her first collection and before you know it she was opening her flagship store in New York City. Ronson's designs have become favorites among celebrities like Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, Mischa Barton, and Gwen Stefani.

Now that you have had your fashion lesson, back to the show ...

First of all the show reminded me of high school. I felt like she grasped all of the cliques looks and threw them together on a runway. There were goofy glasses, preppy cardigans, 70's inspired plaids, and nonchalant stoner gear.

I loved it.

I can tell that these looks (especially by their Hollywood following) will be big hits in the Spring. Especially the wide leg pants, high waisted shorts, and plaid. Yellow, grays, black and white were also star players in this collection so keep a look out for that palette to be in your closet in Spring '08.

Overall rating: Gimme some more. Many of these looks/ pieces will be in my Spring 2008 wardrobe.
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