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Shopping Abroad Zara

By bglam

Whilst on holiday in Europe last week I stopped by a huge Zara and found myself in shopping heaven. I often shop in Zara whilst at home, in England, as I think the clothes are generally incredibly stylish and good quality, whilst extremely good value for money. So, you can imagine my excitement to step into Zara on my favourite Greek Island, Rhodes, to find the prices 50%-60% of those back home. I must admit I did feel a tinge of annoyance at the fact prices are so hiked up in England but what the heck, I had to make the most of it while I could.

Whilst walking around the town during my week long stay I couldn't help but notice that there were some seriously stylish Greek gals cruising around - a large part of that I put down to this one fashion store. Girls were literally fighting over stock, the queues at the checkout were at least 15 deep and 20-30 garments being bought at one time was not uncommon! I kid you not.

Zara - Rhodes, Greece

This frenzy kind of overtook me a little too...needless to say I bought way too much and as I didn't try much on (only 4 garments allowed into the changing room at one time - who makes these rules?!) you'll see some listed on eBay this week: will post here so you can take your pick.

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