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Fendi Spy Bag" New Releases ...

By Fate

A very trusted and adored Fendi SA called me the other day with news of the new colors for the beloved Spy. When this bag was first released for F/W 2005, I was horrified at the cinched-up bubble of cow skin masquerading as a handbag. But shortly thereafter, the Spy wormed its way into my lil black heart and has set up camp there ever since. The top-most shelf of my purse **wardrobe is now the throne from which 4 Spies perch, lording over the rest of my **purse collection. But alas, 4 is not enough, and I’m itching to add a fifth to the Spy menagerie. My SA, wonderful friend she is, has informed me that next season’s Fendi collection will see the debut of (drumroll, please) a lilac colored Spy and various versions of a pale pink colored Spy, both in the bubbly, luxuriously soft leather the Spy is known for. While I’m concerned the new colors will be reminiscent of Easter eggs, I’m dutifully diverting some funds into the Spy fund, just in case. Behind the collecting curve? Start your Spy collection with the beloved Cognac Spy at $2,190, from Saks.

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