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Anne Hathaway Purse Style Devi Kroell for Target Handbag

By Jennifer

October 20th, 2007

Anne Hathaway Purse Style: Devi Kroell for Target Handbag
Anne Hathaway with her Target Bag, a perfect example that money doesn’t buy style. You don’t have to spend $500+ on a handbag to be fashionable, there are hundreds, heck even thousands of designers out there that come out with great bags that are stylish and very affordable.

The handbag above is actually from Devi Kroell’s cheaper line for Tar-jhay. The Devi Kroell designer handbags which are known for their four-figure price tag and exotic material, traded in all of the above to feature a under $50 price tag and embossed python material. Anne Hathaway recently got her hands on this super cheap but very chic Devi Kroell purse.

The bag is currently sold out on the Target site, but don’t worry, I found quite a few of the same bag floating around on ebay. Check ‘em out!

side note: Dearest Seattlites, if you happen to be in the downtown area you must stop off at Nordstrom’s sister store, the Rack. Right now, at this very second there is a huge stash of the Devi Kroell Classic Medium Hobo’s (in Python!!) marked down to an astonishing $600! That’s like $1500 off retail! You better go quickly. These babies are going to sell out faster than you will believe.


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