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Britney Spears' Got Not One but TWO White Versace Snap out of It Bags

By Anne

Hot on the heels of her first new song release since going bonkers (that was Gimmie More, for those of you who don't listen to Top 40 stations) was the VMA anouncement that she'll be the opening act of the night. Wow! It looks like someone's also trying to teach her how to dress again. (No comment on her headband and cowboy boots.) Check out her double goodies, however - dual white Versace 'Snap Out Of It' satchels, each just shy of US$2000. (US$1900 for the navy and silk version, from eLuxury, to be exact.) I gotta say, Ms. Spears - those bags look fantastic in white. Nice choice.

[Image: X17]

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