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Shower like the Stars in Luxury with Aquasana Couture in the City Fashion Blog

By Wendy

Aquasana Shower Filter, now on sale $67.99

Ever wonder how your favorite stars keep their locks healthy and shiny looking? It isn't just a proper diet and expensive shampoo's and conditioners...for softer skin and hair, you definitely need a shower filter, and Aquasana has the best around. It may never have occurred to you before that beauty and water quality go hand in hand, but now you can make all the difference and go from dull and dingy to sparkling clean just by switching out your shower head.

Now on sale, Aquasana filters are easy to install and provide a unique showering experience that will benefit your mind, body and soul. You only drink filtered water, right? Now find out the benefits of showering in filtered water as well. By reducing chlorine levels and restoring proper pH balance, Aquasana provides a healthy showering experience that you will love. Asthma sufferers and those who have inhalation problems will also benefit from their patented filtration system simply by reducing harmful chemicals found in your water supply. But the best part?

Aquasana promises softer hair and skin in one's guaranteed!

So what are you waiting for? If you have been wondering about the water quality in your own shower, then now is the time to change to Aquasana. For only 20 cents a day, you too can be on your way to starting a healthy beauty regimen that is as easy as turning on your faucet...check out Aquasana for more ways to improve the water quality in your own home, and enjoy sparkling clean water for a more beautiful you.

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