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By Wendy

What's new this week at Life & Style? Every week Life & Style features 7 trends in 7 days, and this week was no different. Standing out in the crowd was Jessica Alba's cowl necked crochet sweater...HOT!

How cute is Hayden Panettiere? She looks so fresh in her yellow and white striped sun dress and compliments it perfectly with her large white purse. If you are looking for the perfect accessory for you summer wardrobe, a large white purse is guaranteed to do the trick.

Stars are stepping out in cute and colorful satin frocks, and I love it! It's like a 1950's prom meets contemporary can you go wrong? Drew Barrymore's yellow dress a little too intense for your tastes? Try a yellow satin clutch instead!

Life & Style reports that stars are going crazy for studded accessories. Me? I don't like it so much, but you decide for yourself. While this may be a short lived trend, aren't they all?

Stars face off on Who got it Right? and compete in a fashion war of the trends. I believe that Gwyneth properly rocks her ankle strap peep toe shoes, Reese owns her oversized black bag and well, those earrings are so awesome that anyone could wear them!

Check out all of this and more at Life & Style, one of our favorite resources for celebrity news, fashion and more!

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